Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration

Each year, millions of dollars’ worth of water damage is reported by homeowners across the country. To protect your home (and your wallet) from the effects of flooding, you need to be proactive about preventing water damage. Start inside the home by installing a backup valve to prevent a disastrous sewage backup. If your home has a basement, install a battery-powered sump pump to make sure it will continue working during a storm even if the power goes out. Outside the home, inspect and clean your gutters on a regular basis. Inspect your roof for damage and have your yard professionally landscaped so water flows away from your home.

Watch this video for more tips on protecting your home from water damage. Should a disaster occur, contact a water damage restoration company in Center Moriches as quickly as possible. The sooner the water damage is dealt with, the less damaging the effects of the flooding will be. If you wait to clean up a flooded basement, for example, you could end up needing mold removal in addition to water damage restoration.

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