What to Expect If Your Home Is Flooded

Long Island Flooding Homeowners in Suffolk County are no strangers to floods. Water damage is a devastating and far too common consequence of local flooding and severe weather. If you’re new to the area, of if you’ve been fortunate enough to avoid home flooding up to this point, you may not know what to expect if your home is flooded. To help you prepare for the worst, here’s a look at the damages and cleanup requirements you can expect if your home is flooded in Center Moriches.

Typical House Flood Damages

Flooding can cause wide reaching damage inside your home. The extent of the damage will depend largely on how severe the flooding is. For example, while a burst pipe in the bathroom or kitchen may result in drywall damage and mold, a flash flood may damage your home’s electrical system, contaminate every surface inside your home, and destroy furniture and household items in addition to ceiling and wall damage and mold growth.

Insurance Claims

After you discover that your home is flooded, call your insurance agent as soon as possible. If you have flood insurance, an adjuster will contact you to discuss the extent of the damage to your home. Thoroughly document all damages to your home by taking photos and video of the water damage. A water damage restoration provider can also help you deal with your insurance company or adjuster to get every penny you need to restore your home.

Water Damage Cleanup

The cleanup process will depend entirely on the extent of the damage. For the most part, all water damage cleanup jobs begin by removing the water and drying out your home. Next, the crew will focus on getting rid of any mold present in your home. Water damage restoration professionals will also inspect structural components (studs, ceilings, walls, etc.) for damage.