• The Signs of Mold in Your Basement

    Do you have mold in your basement in the Hamptons? Mold has a tendency to grow after floods or water damage. If you notice signs of mold growing in your basement, call a mold remediation service to eliminate your mold problem before it spreads to the rest of your home.

    There are several signs that may indicate a mold problem in your basement. One of the most prominent indicators is a musty or unpleasant odor that doesn’t seem to have a source. Another is the appearance of mold. Check wet or humid areas in your basement for black or green mold growth. If you do find signs of mold, avoid touching it—doing so could distribute mold spores through the air and make your mold problem worse. Call a mold remediation service to remove the mold instead. Finally, unidentifiable allergic symptoms may also signal a mold problem. Mold in your basement can easily grow into your crawlspace and throughout the inside of your home, negatively affecting its overall air quality and wreaking havoc on your respiratory system.

  • A Look at the Importance of Home Mold Remediation

    If you’ve recently had water damage and are considering home mold remediation in the Hamptons, there are many reasons to hire a professional for mold removal . Mold in the home is a health concern as it causes various allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Once mold has taken root in your house, it may grow quickly in areas that are hard to access. Keep reading to learn more about the importance of home mold remediation.

    Health Concerns

    Clearing Mold Mold produces spores that can be distributed through the air and inhaled by you and your family. Mold spores cause allergic reactions in many people, including sneezing, itchy eyes, and skin rashes. However, mold can also trigger serious asthma attacks in those with sensitive respiratory systems. Finally, physical contact with mold can also bring on these symptoms and further distribute mold spores in the air. That’s why it’s important to hire a professional to conduct your home mold remediation. The mold removal service will have the proper equipment and knowledge necessary to neutralize the health risks of having mold in your home.

    Hidden Mold

    While mold often grows in obvious areas of the home, such as on the walls, a lot of mold growth occurs in hidden areas. Common areas for mold growth include underneath wallpaper or paneling, near your air handling units, inside your ductwork, or in your crawlspace or basement. It can be difficult to know that you have a mold problem if you can’t locate its source, but your nose is a good indicator. If you smell mold in your home but haven’t seen visible signs of it, call a professional mold remediation service to locate and eliminate mold even in these hard to reach areas.


    Some people attempt to perform mold removal themselves with surprising results. If you attack your mold problem with the wrong equipment or technique, the mold may actually grow back even stronger than before. Avoid using chemical solutions on mold that weren’t made specifically for mold removal, and call a professional to avoid the damage caused by a reinvigorated return of mold.