A Look at the Steps of Mold Remediation

All molds have the potential to cause serious health problems, and a mold infestation in your home can make your family very vulnerable to illness. If you see mold or black mold symptoms in your home and are worried that your house is suffering from an infestation of mold, you need to seek help from a professional mold remediation company serving Long Island and The Hamptons. Here is a look at the steps of the mold remediation process and why it’s important to trust mold remediation to the pros.

Repair Water Damage or Leak and Isolate Contamination Area

Mold and mildew grow in damp spaces, so water damage or a water leak in your home provides the perfect environment for mold growth. A mold remediation professional will first identify the source of mold growth, and then repair any water leaks or water damage. He will then isolate the contaminated area to ensure that no mold spores can travel into other areas of the house during the mold removal process.

Remove Mold Damaged Material Remove Wet and Moldy Materials

Any materials that are wet or have become moldy must be removed from your home to ensure that there is no further mold growth. Your mold removal specialist will double bag these materials in plastic bags, tie them shut, clean the outsides of the bags, and throw them away in outdoor trash cans.

Begin Cleaning and Mold Removal

At this point, your mold remediation specialist can begin the cleaning and mold removal process. He will clean all mold infested non-porous and wood materials with a wire brush and a special cleaning solution. If there is a severe mold infestation, he will also vacuum all surfaces with a HEPA vacuum prior to cleaning.

Verify Mold Removal was Successful

After finishing mold removal, the mold remediation company should verify that the process was successful. Your mold removal expert will revisit your home shortly after mold remediation is complete to do a visibility test to ensure all mold has been removed, and verify that there are no further leaks or water damage.

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