A Step-By-Step Guide to Flood Recovery

Floods can create significant and costly damage to any home. During the winter season, heavy rainfall can quickly create a flooding emergency in your area. In the aftermath of a flood , it is important to schedule services with a qualified company offering mold remediation near Long Island. With quality black mold removal and other recovery services, you can help restore your home to safe and habitable condition after a flood. Along with mold removal, there are several different steps to the mold recovery process. To help you prepare for the unexpected, here is a guide to the steps of flood recovery.

Assess the Damage

House Flooding After your home experiences significant flooding, it is very important to take the time to assess the extent of the damage. For example, you may want to inspect your home for signs of damage to the foundation, roofing, and utilities. To ensure that your home is properly evaluated for the signs of flood damage, you may want to trust this procedure to your disaster restoration experts.

Take Plenty of Pictures

During the flood damage assessment process, it is a great idea to take plenty of pictures of all of the damaged areas of your home. These pictures will be used by your insurance company as a part of the insurance claim documentation process. When you are documenting the flood damage to your home, it is important to take photos or videos, before any repairs are made. Taking pictures right away will help you make sure that you get the full benefit of your coverage.

Contact Your Insurance

With the damage documentation complete, you will be ready to contact your insurance company. In order to get started on the claims process, you will want to notify your insurer about your flood damage as soon as possible after the incident. After reviewing your claim and documentation, your insurance company will provide you with financial assistance towards your recovery procedures. In order to receive coverage, you will need to make sure that flood insurance is included in your homeowner’s insurance plan.

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