Taking Immediate Action After a Flood

If you’ve been a victim of floods in the Hamptons, there are several things you should do to minimize the damage to your home, including arranging mold remediation . First, turn off the electrical power in your house—you don’t want to run the risk of electrocution due to standing water. Next, take pictures of the damage to use for your insurance claim and call your insurance company.

After contacting your insurance company, you can start removing excess water using a sump pump. Remember to protect yourself sufficiently, as some of the water may be contaminated with sewage or other harmful substances. To aid in drying out the affected areas, open the doors and windows. Remove wet carpeting and bedding to avoid mold growth. If an item has been wet for less than two days, it may be reusable. However, items that stay wet for a longer period of time have a greater risk of becoming moldy.

Finally, call a professional water damage and mold remediation service in Long Island if you have extensive flooding or damage. A professional can assess the extent of the damage and perform basement and crawlspace waterproofing in order to prevent mold growth and future occurrences of water damage.

Flood Damaged Ceiling