• Signs That You Need Basement Waterproofing Services

    Do not become complacent with your basement waterproofing near the Hamptons and Long Island . Without sufficient basement waterproofing, you might be looking at some serious repairs that could cost you an expensive foundation repair or replacement. Here are some of the common signs you should call for basement waterproofing soon:

    There Is a Musty Smell

    One of the easiest, and most common, signs that your basement might be headed for water damage is a musty odor. Water or dampness is starting to permeate the air from somewhere, so basement waterproofing is a must if you want to avoid bigger problems.

    Signs of Mold or Efflorescence

    Basement Crack in Foundation Another common sign, and serious problem of its own, is be mold growth. Mold is commonly attracted to damp and rotting areas, so you should look into mold removal and waterproofing to protect your home. Efflorescence is sometimes mistaken for mold, but it is actually a buildup of salt deposits that have been left by water as it evaporates. Even though it is not mold, efflorescence is still a sign of possible water problems.

    There Are Cracks

    If you see cracks, even hairline cracks, in your basement walls or floor, then call for waterproofing services and foundation repair right away. Cracks are typically the least expensive type of foundation repair, but only if they are caught in time. Set up your appointment before the tiny cracks turn into deep gashes in your foundation.

    There Are Water Marks

    Along with efflorescence, seeing water lines and marks across the basement walls and windows is a clear sign you need basement waterproofing. Even spotting these water signs once means the problem is likely to occur again. Call your restoration company as soon as possible for waterproofing services.

    The Walls Are Bowed

    When you have basement walls that are bulging or curving inward, then you need to have a restoration company out right away. Bowed walls could be a sign of water compromising the entire foundation. However, you may be able to get away with an easy repair, if it is caught early.

  • Indoor Air Quality and Your Air Ducts

    Many people worry about their air quality near the Hamptons and Long Island, but they may not be sure how to keep it safe and clean. One way, besides cleaning your air ducts, is to consider possible mold in the house and consult a mold remediation company .

    As you can see in the short video, professional cleanings of your air ducts—usually performed every three to five years—can improve air quality significantly. Often, dander, dust, and various types of debris can get caught in your air ducts over time. A professional cleaning can remove this dirt, check your seals, and help you and your family to breathe easier. If you continue to experience asthmatic or allergy symptoms, call for mold inspection and remediation. You may be experiencing respiratory issues related to mold behind your walls or in a crawlspace.

  • A Look at the Different Types of Mold

    There are countless types of mold found in homes in the Hamptons and near Long Island. Mold may be an inescapable part of life, but mold removal is always there to put a stop to it. Continue reading for some information about the common types of mold.


    One of the most common molds found in homes is known as aspergillus. There are hundreds of varieties, which all feed on several types of organic material, such as leather and cloth. Aspergillus often causes allergy symptoms, and it can produce significant lung and respiratory issues as well.


    Home Mold This type of mold is often found in warmer climates, though it has been found in cooler areas, as well. Cladosporium can be found in cabinets, floorboards, and other wooden surfaces. It may also be found in carpets, curtains, and other fabrics. After prolonged exposure to cladosporium, people might experience chronic asthma symptoms, especially in those sensitive to respiratory conditions or with compromised immune systems.

    Stachybotrys (Black Mold)

    Black mold has become a term that actually encompasses several species of mold. Stachybotrys typically feeds on dead or rotting material, possibly behind wallpaper. If this type of mold is in a house, it probably means the house has water damage somewhere. Whether this is from a flood or insufficient basement waterproofing, the damages can be assessed by a restoration company.

    White Mold

    Though white mold is not necessarily a classification, it is still a well-known term. Typically, when mold is in the beginning stages of life, it will appear white or colorless. As the mold grows, the spores take on some sort of color, though the filaments that make up the mold body may still be white. White mold is not the best classification, similar to black mold, because it can encompass a variety of mold species that do not produce pigmented spores.

    There is another white substance that is mistaken for white mold—efflorescence. This white deposit is often found on concrete floors, and it is actually salt deposits from evaporated water. If it disappears when in contact with water, it is not mold.

  • Air Quality Testing 101

    If you want your home to be as comfortable and healthy as possible, you’ll need to ensure that your indoor air quality is up to par and you schedule mold removal if necessary. Poor indoor air quality can cause problems for those who deal with respiratory issues, and it might indicate the presence of household mold near Long Island . It can be difficult to detect problems with your indoor air on your own, so it’s important to work with a mold removal professional service that you can trust. Continue on for a closer look at air quality testing.

    The air quality in your home or workplace can have a direct impact on your overall well-being. What’s worse is that poor indoor air quality may be silently harming your family. A hidden mold problem can aggravate your asthma, cause asthma attacks, or further complicate existing respiratory issues. Your mold and air quality professional can test your home to ensure that you and your family enjoy clean, pure air. Be sure to choose a qualified company that can provide emergency services and uses eco-friendly products. If your indoor air quality testing does indicate a problem, work with your specialist to diagnose and correct the issue so your family can breathe easily.