Signs That You Need Basement Waterproofing Services

Do not become complacent with your basement waterproofing near the Hamptons and Long Island . Without sufficient basement waterproofing, you might be looking at some serious repairs that could cost you an expensive foundation repair or replacement. Here are some of the common signs you should call for basement waterproofing soon:

There Is a Musty Smell

One of the easiest, and most common, signs that your basement might be headed for water damage is a musty odor. Water or dampness is starting to permeate the air from somewhere, so basement waterproofing is a must if you want to avoid bigger problems.

Signs of Mold or Efflorescence

Basement Crack in Foundation Another common sign, and serious problem of its own, is be mold growth. Mold is commonly attracted to damp and rotting areas, so you should look into mold removal and waterproofing to protect your home. Efflorescence is sometimes mistaken for mold, but it is actually a buildup of salt deposits that have been left by water as it evaporates. Even though it is not mold, efflorescence is still a sign of possible water problems.

There Are Cracks

If you see cracks, even hairline cracks, in your basement walls or floor, then call for waterproofing services and foundation repair right away. Cracks are typically the least expensive type of foundation repair, but only if they are caught in time. Set up your appointment before the tiny cracks turn into deep gashes in your foundation.

There Are Water Marks

Along with efflorescence, seeing water lines and marks across the basement walls and windows is a clear sign you need basement waterproofing. Even spotting these water signs once means the problem is likely to occur again. Call your restoration company as soon as possible for waterproofing services.

The Walls Are Bowed

When you have basement walls that are bulging or curving inward, then you need to have a restoration company out right away. Bowed walls could be a sign of water compromising the entire foundation. However, you may be able to get away with an easy repair, if it is caught early.