• The Process of Mold Remediation

    If you have found significant amounts of black mold on your property, you may want to hire a professional mold remediation company to handle your removal. By trusting your mold removal to a company that specializes in mold testing near the Hamptons, you can trust that your mold problem has been safely and effectively eliminated. Your black mold removal technicians will use proven methods to get rid of your mold problem for good.

    The mold removal process starts with a thorough testing of your property. Your remediation crew will figure out precisely which areas throughout your home have been contaminated with mold. Next, these spaces will be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Finally, your technicians may recommend that you use waterproofing to ensure that your home is protected from the return of a mold problem. After your mold remediation process is complete, your home will be completely safe for you to occupy.

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  • What Happens If You Have a Wet Crawlspace

    While your crawlspace may be one of the most out of the way places in your home, it is important to keep this area clean and dry throughout every season of the year. If you allow your crawlspace to become excessively moist, you may eventually find that you have a serious black mold problem on your hand. A company offering crawlspace waterproofing and mold removal near the Hamptons can make sure that your home’s crawlspace remains clean and dry. To highlight the importance of water removal and crawlspace waterproofing, here is an overview of some of the dangers of a wet crawlspace. crawlspace - mold

    Foundation Cracks

    A wet crawlspace could lead to structural issues in your home. Over time, crawlspace moisture could cause your home’s foundation to crack and break. If foundation cracks are allowed to become too severe, your home may eventually need of major foundation repairs. To protect your foundation from cracking and other forms of damage, it is a terrific idea to set up crawlspace waterproofing services.

    Black Mold Growth

    Mold is another top problem that can be caused by crawlspace moisture. Mold spores require moisture and humidity in order to grow and spread. Unfortunately, a damp crawlspace offers the ideal conditions for a black mold infestation to spread in your home. Over time, the mold problem may travel from your crawlspace to other areas throughout your home. In order to help prevent a mold problem, you can make sure that your crawlspace is dry and properly sealed.

    Rusty HVAC Components

    Your HVAC system supply and return components may be located in your crawlspace. These metallic components can become seriously compromised and damaged when they are allowed to sit in a moist environment. After a period of time, crawlspace moisture could lead to severely rusty HVAC components. In order to keep your HVAC system up and running and prevent damage to your home, be sure to set up crawlspace waterproofing for your property today.

  • Where Does Mold Like to Hide?

    While some mold problems may be immediately apparent in your home, other mold infestations may be nearly invisible as they spread. Since mold prefers dark, damp environments, this toxic substance can grow and thrive in many out of the way locations throughout your home. If you are experiencing black mold symptoms, you may want to hire a mold remediation company near the Hamptons to perform testing for your home. During the mold removal process, your technicians will seek out and eradicate hidden sources of mold throughout your property. Read on for a closer look at some of the places that mold likes to hide. mold - growth

    Behind Walls

    One of the top hiding places for mold in the home is behind the surface of drywall. The back sides of your home’s walls offer the dark and cool conditions that mold needs to grow and spread. During a mold evaluation, your mold technicians may need to check behind your drywall to see if there is a hidden mold problem that is hiding behind the surface.

    Inside Chimneys

    If your home has a fireplace, you may want to determine whether your chimney is a hidden source of mold. As a chimney sits without being used for months at a time, it can develop a serious mold problem. Mold can grow in the cracks between bricks, as well as underneath the chimney cap. Chimney mold may become particularly bad during the damp fall and winter seasons.

    Underneath Windowsills

    Mold may also grow in areas around your home that do not get cleaned on a regular basis. If you skip cleaning underneath your windowsills during your routine cleanings, you could be missing a huge mold problem. As mold grows underneath your windowsills and in other locations throughout the home, it can quickly spread to other areas. In order to find and destroy a mold problem on your property, it is a great idea to set up professional mold removal services.