Signs You Need to Waterproof Your Basement

In some parts of the country, damp and musty basements are a common issue. Luckily, waterproofing this area of your home offers you an excellent way to prevent mold growth and water damage. There are a few signs that can indicate you’re in need of basement waterproofing near the Hamptons.

When you head down to your basement, do you notice any musty, mold, or mildew odors? If so, then this means that you should consider basement waterproofing services. Also, standing water, patches of mold, dark or chalky areas on the concrete, and bulges or curves in your basement’s walls can all indicate that there is too much moisture in the area.

Basement waterproofing involves the installation of a system that encourages water to drain away from your basement to help keep it clean and dry. During the process, the team may also install insulation, a sump pump, and a dehumidifier. These steps help keep your basement dry so that you can use the room for storage or as an additional living space.