• How to Mitigate Fire Damage: Prevention and Action [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Fires can be deadly and cause extensive damage, so taking steps to prevent a fire and knowing what to do if one occurs are essential steps for protecting your family and your home. Be sure that you have working smoke detectors placed throughout your home, and make sure every member of your family knows the different escape routes out of your home. You can learn more about preventing fire damage in this infographic from Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, a restoration company serving the Hamptons. If your home does experience a fire, even a small one, it is essential that you schedule professional fire restoration to clean your home and restore it to its original condition. Please pass this vital information along to your friends, family, and neighbors.

    fire - damage

  • Signs That Your Home Needs Better Waterproofing

    Water damage is one of the most costly disasters you can have in your home. Waterproofing can reduce the risk of flooding and minimize damage when it does occur. Does your home need better waterproofing near the Hamptons ? Here are some of the signs that indicate your home is vulnerable to water damage. Basement - Waterproofing

    Foundation Cracks

    Foundation cracks are one of the biggest indicators that your home is not protected from flooding and water damage. When foundation cracks occur, it can set off a chain reaction of problems within your home, including an even greater risk water damage. If you see foundation cracks, your home has likely already been breached by water, even if you can’t see the damage. In addition to improving your waterproofing, consider mold testing. If there is water damage under your floorboards or behind your walls, mold may also be present, which can impact your air quality and put your family’s health at risk.

    Musty Smells

    Even if you can’t see water damage, you may be able to smell it. A persistent musty smell is a sign that water damage has occurred, and in some cases, it can indicate that part of your home is being exposed to water repeatedly. For instance, a musty smell in your basement could mean that your basement waterproofing measures aren’t sufficient and that rain is seeping inside. A musty smell can also be a sign that mold is present, so you may need testing and, if necessary, mold remediation.


    Stains on floors and walls are often left behind after water has dried. Be alert to even slight discolorations, as they can indicate that water damage has occurred. In some cases, you may notice a white or gray shimmer along floors or walls in an area of your home. This is caused by salt deposits left behind by water that has come in contact with concrete or stone. These stains may mean that water is entering your home and that you need to reevaluate your current waterproofing methods.

  • Identifying Unseen Causes of Household Water Damage

    Water damage in your home can lead to property loss and mold growth, causing you to need costly repairs. Unfortunately, many sources of water leaks are not immediately evident, until significant damage has occurred. Here is a look at some of the most common unseen sources of water damage near Long Island , so you can be alert to the possibility of leaks in your home. Water - Damage

    Leaking Pipes

    Leaking pipes are a leading source of flooding. Although you can’t miss a dramatic leak like a burst pipe, a small leak can easily go undetected for an extended period of time. These leaks could be happening behind the walls and under the floorboards, causing mold and mildew growth that you can’t see and impacting your air quality. Over time, a small leak can weaken the pipe and cause a larger leak to happen that causes even more damage. Be alert to signs like low water pressure, increasing water bills, and wet spots that can indicate that you have an unseen pipe leak, so you can call a plumber for repairs and get the appropriate water damage and mold remediation.

    Household Appliances

    Any appliance in your home that uses water is susceptible to leaking. The older your appliances get, the more prone they are to developing cracks in the pipes and hoses that supply them with water. In some cases, this kind of damage can lead to a sudden, significant leak, but in other in stances, the leak may be more gradual and difficult to notice. Check your appliances periodically, and look for signs of damage to the pipes and hoses as well as wet spots. Make any necessary repairs as soon as possible to prevent further water damage.

    HVAC Systems

    HVACs can cause water damage when they generate an excessive amount of moisture. The risk is particularly high when the air conditioning is in use. In addition to external water damage, moisture in HVACs can lead to mold growth within the unit, that is then circulated throughout your home as the system runs. Inspect your system often to look for signs of water damage, and have maintenance performed each season to reduce the risk of a malfunction that could cause water damage.

  • A Look at Some Systems for Preventing Basement Flooding

    Basements are prone to flooding, and when water damage does occur, it can lead to mold, mildew, and other serious health risks for your family. Fortunately, there are many options for basement waterproofing in the Hamptons that can help you reduce the risk of flood damage.

    Watch this video to learn about some of the options you have for basement waterproofing. A variety of sump pumps can be used to remove water from the basement, while leak monitoring devices can be attached to your appliances so you know about leaks before they cause water damage. If flooding does occur, call for water damage restoration as soon as possible to minimize the damage and ensure that mold is thoroughly removed.

  • Symptoms of Mold Exposure

    Toxic black mold has been linked to serious air quality problems and health issues. In this video, you will take a look at some of the most common black mold symptoms. Black mold can cause allergic reactions in certain individuals. Persons who are sensitive to black mold may also develop sinusitis, ear infections, or eye irritation. With assistance from a company that offers mold remediation in the Hamptons, you can rest assured that your family is protected from the dangers of black mold.

    During a mold removal procedure , your technicians will make sure that every trace of mold has been eliminated from your household. By getting rid of your black mold problem, you can make sure that your loved ones do not suffer from mold related health issues.