• Document Recovery Services in Center Moriches

    After a flood or a fire, it’s common for home and business owners to seek out water damage restoration, mold removal, and basement waterproofing services. However, it’s not unusual for belongings like documents to go overlooked until it is too late to save these important items. If you’re in need of water damage restoration near the Hamptons, then look no further than Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration.

    In addition to general restoration services, the experienced team at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration specializes in document recovery, as well. If your home or office contains essential papers and records, then addressing their recovery should be considered essential following a flood or fire.

    To attain the highest possible level of restoration for your documents, you should begin the recovery process as soon as possible. If you reach out to our specially trained professionals within 48 hours of the catastrophe, they will be better able to minimize the damage to your important papers. For more information about our document recovery services, please visit the Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration website.

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  • How Mold Affects Respiratory Health

    When there is mold in your house, it can damage your belongings and make your interiors look and smell unappealing. More importantly, mold can affect your respiratory health. If you’re wondering if you need mold remediation near the Hamptons , then continue reading to learn how mold can impact the respiratory health of your family. house - mold

    Mold releases mold spores into the air.

    While mold is unwelcome indoors, this type of fungus has the important job of breaking down dead plants and returning nutrients to the soil. When mold takes hold indoors, however, it can negatively impact any materials that it grows on and the wellness of anyone who lives there. To reproduce, mold releases spores into the air instead of seeds. In some people, these spores can cause an allergic reaction. When a person that is allergic or sensitive to mold is exposed to mold spores, this can result in a mild, moderate, or severe respiratory reaction.

    Mold can cause an allergic reaction in some people.

    If you are familiar with allergy symptoms that are associated with exposure to pollen, dust, or pet dander, then you will find that the symptoms that result from a mold allergy are much the same. If somebody in your household starts wheezing or suffering from a runny or stuffy nose when they are inside your home, then this can indicate that the person has a mold allergy and that mold is growing in your house. Other symptoms associated with an allergic reaction to mold include itchy or watery eyes, rashes, and hives. In people with asthma, exposure to mold can trigger their asthma symptoms.

    Mold should be addressed to protect your respiratory health.

    If you know or suspect that you have mold growing in your home, then there are several reasons why you should consider contacting a mold remediation service. Mold growth can destroy property and reduce the value of your home, plus it looks and smells unpleasant. Additionally, mold removal can improve your indoor air quality and make your home healthier and more comfortable for anyone with a mold allergy.

  • All About Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration

    Restoring your home or business after damaging floods, fires, and mold infestations can be a very challenging and emotional experience. To ensure your family and business are protected, trust the professionals at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc . Our company provides comprehensive mold remediation, air quality, flood, and water damage restoration in the Hamptons and Long Island area.

    Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc. provides 24/7 emergency services and green cleaning options to ensure that your restoration or mold remediation project is done quickly, safely, and effectively. We bring over 20 years of experiences in residential and commercial restoration services to your home or office, guaranteeing the very best quality service possible for your damaged furniture, clothing, building, and more.

    Do you need to loop in your insurance company with your restoration project? Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc. has extensive experience working successfully with insurance companies to make your home or commercial restoration project as painless as possible. For more information, visit Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, Inc. online.

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