• The Dangers of Attempting DIY Mold Removal

    While DIY projects can be fun and practical, not all home improvement tasks should be attempted by amateurs. If your home has suffered water damage and now needs mold remediation near the Hamptons , then there are several reasons why you should leave the process to professionals. Continue reading to learn about the dangers associated with DIY mold removal. Cleaning - Mold

    Creating a Bigger Problem

    One of the most important things for homeowners to realize is that mold can spread. Molds produce spores that can easily become airborne. Because of this, exacerbating the mold problem is a common complication associated with DIY mold removal. Without properly preparing the area and using the right equipment, it’s all too easy to spread the mold spores into other areas of your home.

    Inviting Other Contaminants Inside

    Professional mold remediation teams have the training needed to effectively rid your house of mold. In addition to this, these individuals come to your home armed with the right equipment for the job. Mold removal teams use air filtration devices, for example, to create negative air pressure that helps prevent contaminants from getting into your home.

    Getting Sick from Mold

    Many people dislike having mold in their home because it looks and smells unpleasant. However, mold is more than an aesthetic issue. Exposure to mold spores can make people ill, and some types of mold are particularly dangerous. Mold removal specialists use special protective gear and follow specific procedures to avoid exposing themselves to the mold and to keep the spores contained.

    Suffering an Allergic Reaction

    While mold can potentially make a person ill, some individuals are allergic to mold spores. Homeowners who attempt a DIY mold removal project run the risk of disturbing the mold spores and making them airborne. If they do not have the proper setup and equipment to keep the spores contained and to remove them from the home, this can cause people who are sensitive to mold to suffer from problems like sneezing, coughing, and an itchy throat. For these reasons, it’s best to leave mold removal to the pros.

  • Finding where mold lives, ICER of Center Moriches

    While it’s common for homeowners to schedule mold removal services after finding signs of mold in their basement or attic, did you know that mold can grow in air ducts, as well? Because this part of the HVAC system is mostly hidden from view, many homeowners never think to check it for mold and other causes of poor air quality. If you think you’re dealing with household mold near Long Island , then watch this video to get a look at the air duct cleaning process.

    Cleaner air and fewer allergy symptoms are some of the benefits that homeowners report experiencing after having their air ducts cleaned. Using a negative air machine, debris is sucked out of the air duct system. If you think that you may need mold remediation for your home, then it may be a smart decision to have your air ducts cleaned, too.

  • Essential Facts to Know About Mold

    Mold is a common household problem that is important to address. If you think that you may need mold removal in the Hamptons, then read on for some essential information about mold . Mold

    Mold often grows in specific conditions.

    In many cases, mold starts to grow in a home when mold spores find themselves in a dark and damp environment that has little air flow. These conditions are ideal for the growth of mold. For this reason, it’s common to find mold growing in places like damp basements or attics that have water damage.

    Mold can be a sign that you have water damage.

    Because mold loves to grow in damp areas, the presence of this type of fungi can indicate that there is moisture where there shouldn’t be. For example, cracks in your foundation, roof leaks, and damaged plumbing can all lead to a mold problem. Before you schedule mold removal services, it’s essential to deal with any sources of excess moisture.

    Mold can affect your family’s health.

    While many people think of mold as an issue that smells bad and looks unattractive, exposure to mold spores can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. People who are allergic to mold can experience symptoms like hives, itchy eyes, coughing, shortness of breath, a runny nose, and wheezing when they’re exposed to the spores.

    Mold remediation should not be delayed.

    It’s not uncommon for homeowners to disregard mold when they find a patch of it in their attic or basement. However, ignoring this type of problem can lead to much bigger ones in the future. If your home’s mold growth is the result of a water leak, then ignoring the issue can result in further damage of your property’s structure and your belongings. Also, ignoring mold gives it a chance to keep spreading throughout your home. If you’ve found mold in your home, then contact a mold removal company as soon as possible to learn about your options.

  • Where Does Mold Like to Hide?

    While some mold problems may be immediately apparent in your home, other mold infestations may be nearly invisible as they spread. Since mold prefers dark, damp environments, this toxic substance can grow and thrive in many out of the way locations throughout your home. If you are experiencing black mold symptoms, you may want to hire a mold remediation company near the Hamptons to perform testing for your home. During the mold removal process, your technicians will seek out and eradicate hidden sources of mold throughout your property. Read on for a closer look at some of the places that mold likes to hide. mold - growth

    Behind Walls

    One of the top hiding places for mold in the home is behind the surface of drywall. The back sides of your home’s walls offer the dark and cool conditions that mold needs to grow and spread. During a mold evaluation, your mold technicians may need to check behind your drywall to see if there is a hidden mold problem that is hiding behind the surface.

    Inside Chimneys

    If your home has a fireplace, you may want to determine whether your chimney is a hidden source of mold. As a chimney sits without being used for months at a time, it can develop a serious mold problem. Mold can grow in the cracks between bricks, as well as underneath the chimney cap. Chimney mold may become particularly bad during the damp fall and winter seasons.

    Underneath Windowsills

    Mold may also grow in areas around your home that do not get cleaned on a regular basis. If you skip cleaning underneath your windowsills during your routine cleanings, you could be missing a huge mold problem. As mold grows underneath your windowsills and in other locations throughout the home, it can quickly spread to other areas. In order to find and destroy a mold problem on your property, it is a great idea to set up professional mold removal services.

  • Signs That You Need Basement Waterproofing Services

    Do not become complacent with your basement waterproofing near the Hamptons and Long Island . Without sufficient basement waterproofing, you might be looking at some serious repairs that could cost you an expensive foundation repair or replacement. Here are some of the common signs you should call for basement waterproofing soon:

    There Is a Musty Smell

    One of the easiest, and most common, signs that your basement might be headed for water damage is a musty odor. Water or dampness is starting to permeate the air from somewhere, so basement waterproofing is a must if you want to avoid bigger problems.

    Signs of Mold or Efflorescence

    Basement Crack in Foundation Another common sign, and serious problem of its own, is be mold growth. Mold is commonly attracted to damp and rotting areas, so you should look into mold removal and waterproofing to protect your home. Efflorescence is sometimes mistaken for mold, but it is actually a buildup of salt deposits that have been left by water as it evaporates. Even though it is not mold, efflorescence is still a sign of possible water problems.

    There Are Cracks

    If you see cracks, even hairline cracks, in your basement walls or floor, then call for waterproofing services and foundation repair right away. Cracks are typically the least expensive type of foundation repair, but only if they are caught in time. Set up your appointment before the tiny cracks turn into deep gashes in your foundation.

    There Are Water Marks

    Along with efflorescence, seeing water lines and marks across the basement walls and windows is a clear sign you need basement waterproofing. Even spotting these water signs once means the problem is likely to occur again. Call your restoration company as soon as possible for waterproofing services.

    The Walls Are Bowed

    When you have basement walls that are bulging or curving inward, then you need to have a restoration company out right away. Bowed walls could be a sign of water compromising the entire foundation. However, you may be able to get away with an easy repair, if it is caught early.

  • Air Quality Testing 101

    If you want your home to be as comfortable and healthy as possible, you’ll need to ensure that your indoor air quality is up to par and you schedule mold removal if necessary. Poor indoor air quality can cause problems for those who deal with respiratory issues, and it might indicate the presence of household mold near Long Island . It can be difficult to detect problems with your indoor air on your own, so it’s important to work with a mold removal professional service that you can trust. Continue on for a closer look at air quality testing.

    The air quality in your home or workplace can have a direct impact on your overall well-being. What’s worse is that poor indoor air quality may be silently harming your family. A hidden mold problem can aggravate your asthma, cause asthma attacks, or further complicate existing respiratory issues. Your mold and air quality professional can test your home to ensure that you and your family enjoy clean, pure air. Be sure to choose a qualified company that can provide emergency services and uses eco-friendly products. If your indoor air quality testing does indicate a problem, work with your specialist to diagnose and correct the issue so your family can breathe easily.


  • Examining the Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

    A mold problem is an inconvenience, but it can develop into a real concern for the health of your family. This is why you should waste no time in calling for mold remediation near the Hamptons. Exposure to black mold can result in a wealth of different health complications and affect different bodily systems. Common black mold symptoms impact your respiratory, neurological, and skin health. Keep reading if you are interested in examining the symptoms of black mold exposure.

    Respiratory Problems

    Rash Caused by Mold Mold is unique in that it spreads around using small spores that can circulate through your air ducts. This means that a mold problem can easily contaminate your air, and you might not notice until you start to experience the symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms of mold exposure deal with the respiratory system. Much like allergies, black mold can cause irritation in the eyes, nose, and throat, as well as fits of sneezing and coughing. These symptoms can be even more pronounced if you are prone to allergies or asthma, so it’s important to have a mold specialist perform an inspection as soon as you can. Unfortunately the respiratory system is not the only bodily system affected by black mold exposure.

    Neurological Symptoms

    In addition to coughing, sneezing, and irritated eyes, exposure to black mold can come with a range of other serious symptoms. Black mold is toxic, which means exposure can fight against your neurons and cause noticeable changes in the brain. A mold problem can cause you to experience dizziness, anxiety and depression, and even hallucinations. If you have been experiencing a diminished attention span or problems with your memory, it might be a good idea to have your home inspected for black mold by a mold remediation crew.

    Skin Complications

    Inhaling mold spores is not the only way to expose yourself; you can also develop symptoms from direct contact. Direct physical contact with black mold may result in rashes, blisters, or inflammation. You might also experience jaundice, which causes your skin to take on a yellowish tint. Call for mold remediation as soon as you notice any of these symptoms.

  • How to Hire a Mold Restoration Company

    If you suspect that your home might have mold , it’s not something you should ignore. Mold in your house can have health consequences for the people who live there, and can even damage your home’s structure if it’s left alone. Because mold spreads quickly and easily, it is an issue that is best left to the professionals. Trying to remove mold yourself can be hazardous to your health as well as ineffective. Ask your friends and neighbors for recommendations for a company that does mold removal near Long Island, and inquire about their procedures.

    A good mold restoration company should be able to tell you the steps of the mold removal process, as well as the equipment they use to get the best results possible. Feel free to ask questions about what you can expect from the inspection process as well as the restoration itself. Make sure your mold removal company has a proven record of excellence, and inquire about green cleaning methods that are easier on the environment as well as you and your family.

    Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration

  • Mold & Your Health in Center Moriches

    If you believe you have mold in your house, it’s important to remember that mold is not just aesthetically unpleasing—it can also have a harmful impact on your health and the health of your loved ones. That’s why it’s important to have a professional mold remediation service perform mold testing throughout our home. Keep reading to learn more about how mold can affect your health and why it is in your best interest to keep mold at bay with the help of a mold remediation company serving the Hamptons and Long Island.

    Indoor Mold

    Mold Health Hazard Mold can form indoors if mold spores become attached to a moist area and begin to mature, causing a growing problem that can be difficult to ignore. Mold spores can become a problem for people when they come into direct contact with them or breathe them in the air. These spores can act as allergens and irritants to some people with certain allergies or sensitive immune systems. That’s why it’s important to identify mold in your house quickly and have a professional handle the process of mold removal.

    Allergic Reactions

    People who are sensitive or allergic to mold can have an allergic reaction after coming into contact with mold. Sneezing, a runny nose, red eyes, and skin rashes are common allergic reactions to mold. These mild reactions may occur directly after contact with mold, or they may be delayed. If you have recently had one or more of these symptoms, you may want to have mold or air quality testing in your house.

    Asthma Attacks

    Mold can cause mild irritation for some people who are allergic to mold spores. However, it can trigger serious asthma attacks for others. That’s why people with asthma should avoid coming into contact with mold or air that could contain mold spores. If one or more of your family members has asthma, it’s important to have your house tested for mold. You may especially be at risk if your house has had any recent water damage or flooding, as wet environments act as breeding grounds for various types of mold.

  • Restoring Your Home After Water Damage

    Are you considering basement waterproofing in the Hamptons ? Waterproofing your basement can prevent the extensive water damage that goes along with a flash flood or burst pipe. It can also prevent the growth of harmful mold in your home.

    Watch this video learn more about restoring your home after water damage. A homeowner explains his experience with water damage caused by a rainstorm. The homeowner didn’t have a waterproofed basement; as a result, the basement accumulated around four inches of water, destroying his drywall and carpet. The homeowner hired a mold remediation and water damage restoration service to help him restore his home after the flood. The experience of this homeowner highlights the importance of thinking ahead when it comes to preparing for natural disasters. A little time and money spent on preparations now could save you a big headache and huge expenses later.