• Mold 101

    Were you recently informed that your home requires mold remediation following flooding or water damage? If so, then you may have questions about this common household problem. If you’re dealing with mold in the Hamptons, then watch this video to learn the basics of this fungus.

    Molds can be found just about anywhere, and they come in a broad range of types, textures, shapes, and colors. Molds are the more common type of fungi and, if mold spores land in a moist area of your home, then this can lead to an infestation and the need for mold removal services. Because mold can damage your home and affect your health, tackling a mold problem should be done as quickly as possible.

  • Where Does Mold Like to Hide?

    While some mold problems may be immediately apparent in your home, other mold infestations may be nearly invisible as they spread. Since mold prefers dark, damp environments, this toxic substance can grow and thrive in many out of the way locations throughout your home. If you are experiencing black mold symptoms, you may want to hire a mold remediation company near the Hamptons to perform testing for your home. During the mold removal process, your technicians will seek out and eradicate hidden sources of mold throughout your property. Read on for a closer look at some of the places that mold likes to hide. mold - growth

    Behind Walls

    One of the top hiding places for mold in the home is behind the surface of drywall. The back sides of your home’s walls offer the dark and cool conditions that mold needs to grow and spread. During a mold evaluation, your mold technicians may need to check behind your drywall to see if there is a hidden mold problem that is hiding behind the surface.

    Inside Chimneys

    If your home has a fireplace, you may want to determine whether your chimney is a hidden source of mold. As a chimney sits without being used for months at a time, it can develop a serious mold problem. Mold can grow in the cracks between bricks, as well as underneath the chimney cap. Chimney mold may become particularly bad during the damp fall and winter seasons.

    Underneath Windowsills

    Mold may also grow in areas around your home that do not get cleaned on a regular basis. If you skip cleaning underneath your windowsills during your routine cleanings, you could be missing a huge mold problem. As mold grows underneath your windowsills and in other locations throughout the home, it can quickly spread to other areas. In order to find and destroy a mold problem on your property, it is a great idea to set up professional mold removal services.

  • Mold Can Threaten Structural Integrity of Your House

    Rainy weather can cause mold to grow in your home. When your home is experiencing a serious mold problem, the structural integrity of your home could be compromised. In addition, mold can cause a variety of respiratory issues and other health problems. To deal with your mold problem, it is a great idea to schedule a professional mold removal service . By hiring a mold remediation company, you will be able to clear all of the mold from your home. The experts at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration provide mold removals serving Center Moriches. With a mold inspection and mold removal service from our company, you will be able to control your mold problem for good. To learn more about the dangers of mold, watch this video.

  • Guide for Mold Removal in Center Moriches

    Mold may look unsightly in a home, but the aesthetics of a mold outbreak are the least of the concerns homeowners face. Mold can be extremely damaging to your family’s health. Exposure can cause a laundry list of health concerns, including respiratory issues, memory problems, chronic fatigue, and skin rashes. In fact, the physical symptoms of mold exposure are sometimes the first sign that there is a problem, especially if the mold is growing behind wallpaper. This infographic from the mold removal experts at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration explains the risks of mold exposure and details the mold remediation process. We provide mold removal in Center Moriches using botanical products that are as safe as they are effective. Our experts start by evaluating your home for mold so that we find all of the impacted areas, and after removal, we’ll treat your home to prevent the mold growth from recurring. Mold can happen in any home, so help spread the word about this health hazard by sharing this infographic.

    Mold Removal in Long Island

  • Household Mold in Center Moriches

    Mold is a common nuisance for many homeowners. While mold may seem like a minor annoyance, this unsightly problem can actually pose many serious health risks to yourself and your loved ones. When mold is growing in your home, it releases hazardous spores into the air. For this reasons, it is essential to schedule a professional mold removal service for your home at the first sign of a mold problem. At Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, we offer mold removal in Center Moriches. Our mold removals and other services will leave your home safe and clean for occupancy. To highlight the advantages of scheduling a mold remediation service for your home, here is a look at some important information about household mold.

    Causes of Mold Mold Abatement
    Mold grows in damp, moist areas. If your home is suffering from water damage or a flooded basement, these conditions will create the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive . During a mold inspection, a technician can identify the location and causes of mold throughout your home.

    Health Dangers of Mold
    Mold is associated with several serious health conditions. For example, exposure to black mold has been linked to serious respiratory problems and allergic reactions. When a person comes into contact with mold, he or she may have itchy eyes, a runny nose, or a skin rash. Mold can also worsen symptoms of preexisting medical conditions, such as sinusitis and asthma.

    Treating Mold
    In order to safely treat a mold problem in your home, it is a great idea to contact a mold remediation company. The technicians that work for a mold removal service will use the proper precautions and techniques when removing mold from your home. By trusting your mold removal to the professionals, you will be able to rest assured that your home is totally clear and free of a mold problem.