• How Mold Exposure Can Affect Your Skin

    If you have mold in the house, you may develop some unusual symptoms. Mold is known to cause skin irritation, particularly in people who are sensitive to mold exposure. Those with allergies to mold may suffer a more severe skin reaction. Mold in homes near the Hamptons may require professional mold remediation, since it’s not advisable for people who are sensitive or allergic to mold to try to remove it themselves.

    Exposure to mold can cause dry, scaly skin or skin rashes. These areas may look pinkish or brownish, and they may cause itching. It’s possible for mold-induced skin rashes to go away and come back periodically. It’s even possible for mold to cause infections of the skin or mucous membranes in people who are susceptible. Systemic infections aren’t a significant threat, except when a person has a suppressed immune system. Compromised immune function can occur because of HIV/AIDS and the use of immunosuppressant medications. Fortunately, arranging for professional mold remediation services allows you to avoid these potential health risks.

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  • What is the Process of Remediating Smoke and Fire Damage?

    The effects of a fire can be devastating. Fire damage can permanently destroy memories, valuable belongings, and even entire homes. If you’re lucky enough to still have a home after a fire, there’s still a lot of work to be done before your property is restored to its original condition. Fortunately, you can count on a smoke and fire remediation company in Long Island to help you and your family return to life as usual. Here’s a look at what you can expect during the process of remediating smoke and fire damage.

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    Address Water Damage
    If your home caught fire and was put out by the fire department, chances are you’ll have quite a bit of water damage to deal with in addition to smoke and fire damage. When a disaster cleanup crew arrives after a fire, the first step is to address any resulting water damage to prevent mold, mildew, and humidity problems in the future. If you don’t take care of water damage now, you will have to pay for mold remediation later.

    Remove Soot and Smoke Odor
    The first step is to remove soot from your home, which can easily stain carpet, draperies, and other household textiles. A fire damage restoration company will use heavy-duty vacuums and extraction devices to remove soot from the affected area without spreading it to other parts of your home. Eliminating smoke odor is trickier and requires professional remediation methods such as thermal fogging, a warm chemical fog that penetrates into the home to neutralize smoke odor, and the use of counteractants, which are chemicals or additives that break up smoke molecules to eliminate odors.

    Fix Structural Damage
    The last step is to address the structural damage resulting from fire and water damage. A full-service fire and water damage repair company in Long Island will fully reconstruct any structural damage so you can feel safe in your home. If the damage is severe enough, additional contractors may be brought in to repair or rebuild your home.