Disaster Recovery in Moriches, NY

Disaster can come in many forms, both natural and man-made. If you’re fortunate, you’ll never need the services of a company like Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration. Statistically, however, you’ll need to call on a disaster recovery specialist at some point in time to help you get your life back after a fire, flood, mold infestation, hoarding situation, or trauma. If you live in the Moriches, NY, area, Long Island, the Hamptons, or the South Fork or South Shore area, we bring 25 years of experience to the table, in a full range of disaster recovery specialties! Call today for a quote on:

Water damage

Water is life. It can also be death, especially when rising flood waters inundate your home, or a burst pipe or water main spews raw sewage into your once cozy environs. Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration will get all traces of water out of your home and can help with any structural repairs you might require after the fact. Our disaster recovery team looks forward to working with you.

Mold remediation

We live with mold spores 24/7 without harm or ill effect. Black mold is a different story. It can make you, your kids, and your pets sick, and cause permanent harm if not treated immediately. Decisive action starts with a call to Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration. Our mold removal specialists will hunt down all traces of black mold and banish it from whence it came.

Fire damage

Getting your family to safety was priority #1 when the fire struck. Now that you’ve had a moment to assess the damage, the prospect of getting your house back seems hopeless. With the help of Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, all traces of soot and smoke will be removed, and structural damage will be repaired. We can even assist you with filing your property insurance claim.

Basement and crawlspace waterproofing

Periodic flooding of basements and crawlspaces is just a fact of life in Moriches, NY, and there’s nothing you can do about it, right? Wrong! Your basement can remain dry as a bone, no matter how much rain falls, with waterproofing, insulation, sump pump, and dehumidifier installation from the professionals at Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration. Call today for a quote.

Document restoration

The automatic sprinkler system saved your business from being consumed by fire. Unfortunately, you had client records going back decades, on paper, and they’ve all got to be ruined. Not necessarily. Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration can freeze valuable documents to minimize further damage, and help you preserve them. Great for law firms, medical offices, banks, and schools.

Structural repairs

Your family rode out the hurricane like troopers. Tackling the structural damage to your house may be too much for you to handle, physically and emotionally. At Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, we get it, and our team is ready and able to help you restore your house to the place it was before. We’ve even rebuilt homes from the ground up! Call today to speak to a general contractor.

Biohazard/Trauma Scene Clean-Up

The aftermath of a loved one’s compulsive hoarding, or a crime involving loss of life, is devastating. Trying to deal with the clean-up yourself may do more harm than good, especially if potential hazards like animal excrement, blood, rodent or insect infestations are present. For your health, safety, and sanity, leave jobs like this to professionals. Call Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration today.

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