Long Island Water Damage Restoration

At Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration, we know as well as you the risks you face owning a home or commercial property on Long Island or in the Hamptons. Your home faces risk from rising floodwaters almost all year ’round. In addition, the harsh cold of the Northeast can threaten your pipes, leading to leaks and breaks. Both of these risks have the same consequences: water damage and mold buildup.

That’s why our mission is to provide the best water removal in Long Island, as well as expert services like mold remediation and water damage repair. The team at Island Catastrophe understands that the last thing you want to do in the wake of a major flood or plumbing problem is worry about how you’re going to save your home or business from damage, which is why we take that problem off of your hands.

Assisting you in response to a disaster

When your home floods as the result of rising sea level, heavy rains or burst pipes, it can seem like the worst has occurred. Admittedly, it’s never enjoyable to have to schedule water damage restoration in Long Island, but when you absolutely need it, you need a company you can count on to remove water and complete repairs before the damage spreads to vital structures.

The fact is that the way you respond to water damage makes almost all the difference between huge, extensive and costly damage and a simple fix. When your roof lets in water, you have a pipe freeze and break, or your neighborhood floods after a storm, there’s no need to scramble to find a solution. Just call Long Island’s top choice for water damage restoration: Island Catastrophe Environmental Restoration.

When you call us, we’ll come right out to assess your situation, and then do anything we need to take care of it as quickly as possible. Our services include:

  • Drying and water removal
  • Wood and structure repair after water damage
  • Patching leaks to prevent further damage

We’ll even work with your insurance company after a disaster to ensure our work complies with your coverage, and that there’s no problem in accessing timely water damage repairs that meet your budget.

Repairs and waterproofing to protect your structure for years

We make it a point not only to help you recover from flooding or leaks but also to prevent further damage in the future. Our expert technicians have years of experience providing excellent water damage restoration services in Long Island and the surrounding boroughs. We will help you build a waterproofing plan to safeguard against needing us again in the future. In fact, if you would like to see more on our waterproofing services, take a look here: ICER Waterproofing Services

Between our timely repairs and water removal services and our assistance preparing your Long Island home or business from future water damage and mold, Island Catastrophe isn’t just in the business of water damage repair: We’re in the business of selling peace of mind.

Prevent Future Water Damage! Give Us a Call Today at 631-909-1412.

Benefits of Working With Us

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  • Green Cleaning Available
  • Experience With Property Insurance Claims